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Question Guidelines

  1. Name
    The full name of your branch eg. Grupo Bantus Capoeira Japão
  2. Description
    Short description of your group
    eg. The Grupo Bantus Capoeira Japão (GBCJ) was founded in Japan by Caçapa and Cafuné in 2004 and is based in Kichijoji, Tokyo. The group is a branch of Grupo Bantus Capoeira supervised by Mestre Pintor in Brazil.
  3. Latitude Longitude
    Use the map on the right to get this info
  4. Category
    Angola, Regional, Contemporânea, Other
  5. Group Name
    The full name of your group eg. Grupo Bantus Capoeira
  6. Group Logo
    URL of online Group Logo eg: (No bigger than 200x200pixels)
  7. Headquarters
    Location of Original Academy eg. Savassi, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  8. Year Established
    The year your group was founded eg. 1991
  9. Mestre or Contramestre
    Founding Mestre/Contramestre of the group eg. Mestre Pintor
  10. Year Established in Japan
    The year your group was founded eg 2004
  11. Head Instructor in Japan
    eg. Formado Caçapa
  12. Languages Spoken by Head Instructor
    eg. Japanese, Portuguese, English
  13. Styles Practiced
    eg. Angola, Regional, Contemporânea, Samba de Roda, Maculelê
  14. Class Schedule
    eg. Monday: Capoeira Class 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  15. Google Calendar ID
    Google Calendar Address (Change the @ mark to %40) eg.
  16. Homepage URL
  17. Facebook URL
  18. Twitter URL
  19. YouTube URL
  20. Telephone Number
    Contact Telephone Number of Head Instructor (or alternate English speaking contact) eg. 090-5406-7806
  21. Email Address
    Contact Email Address of Head Instructor (or alternate English speaking contact) eg.
  22. Address
    Address of main location eg. Tōkyō-to Musashino-shi Kichijōji Honchō 2丁目20−3
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